How to Play Online Poker for Real Money

By 23 June 2020

Online Poker Real Money

In this simple guide to poker, you will learn all the options you have of winning real money from poker games in the many available online casinos in South Africa. The top 10 sites and more information on the available poker-friendly casinos can be found here, but we are going to start with what online poker real money is all about.

Poker is a very simple card game, within it there are ten different ways to win a game through the number of hands there are in a game, these are the Royal Flush, the Flush, the Full House, the Straight and so on. The goal of the game is to get the higher hand between you and the dealer, or machine. That is the simplicity of the poker game, but this leads to the question of what kind of poker game you are going to play once you’ve registered with an online casino to win real money?

Poker Options Online

Poker is not just one game, there are many ways the rules can be captured and presented. There are dozens of different poker games and your selection within a great casino will provide you with multiple options. Do you play Pai Gow, Deuces Wild, Casino, Hold ’Em, Tri-Card Poker? The list goes on, but thought the number of variants runs out, there is still the question of the format. Do you play live table games? Do you play virtual machines of poker? Or do you go a step further and more removed from the traditional senses of the game and play Video Poker?

Needless to say, there are multiple considerations, all of which help you to win real money from the casino. But allow us to blow your mind a little further and explain the bigger picture when it comes to gambling online with poker games. How about we tell you that no matter what form of virtual play you make, all the odds of winning are exactly the same!

When it comes to poker, it is not the skills that you have that determine the outcome, you could have played poker for 10-years and your chances are just the same as a new player that is playing for the first time. It all comes down to the algorithms of the game, whether you play Caribbean Stud Poker or even Chinese Poker, the programming within each game that determines when it is time to payout, are exactly the same. This then begs the question of which poker game is best to play?

Which Form of Poker is Best?

Virtual Table? Video Poker? Or Live Poker? Which is the best form of poker to play online?

When it comes to the Video Poker games, these are built with RTP algorithms. Wins or payouts are determined by how much money players have placed in the one game. Remember the same pokers you have in one casino, is used by 100 other casinos with a thousand more players trying to reach the same objective. The more popular a game is, the more likely it is to payout.

Virtual poker, which are the games at the table, are built with RNG algorithms, the payout determined on random chance. A fairer system for players, but there is no clear indication as to how and when a game will payout, whereas the Video Poker games are more concise in its method of play.

Live poker games are wholly different. The live streaming of poker is done with actual poker tables and the use of real cards. There is no programming system in place to control the rate of payments made to players. There are multiple hands used and randomly changed, so card counting is off the table of ideas in winning.

With the facts before you, you can only raise the question, would you rather win based on the principle of just randomly playing till the algorithm favours you, or do you leave it all to chance and fate? These are the two clear options because of how poker is online.

The answer is playing live. The odds of a live game of poker only gives the house an edge of 1.48% over the player, it’s one of the most favourable casino games created. So, with a near 4852 split, the chances are far better playing live than the programming of a virtual game or video poker game. That’s how you are best able to win real money playing online poker.